Styling Kit

Styling kit:

To all the stylists out there, Glam Locks Hair Extensions brings you an all-in-one styling kit. This kit will make your life easy and attaching the extensions very simple. It has everything you need, to attach any kind of extensions you require, be it i-tip, u-tip and even nano-ring hair extensions. Make it yours today! Contents:
1) Bond Remover bottle (1 pcs)
2) Clips for clip hair (4 pcs)
3) Colour ring (1 pc)
4) Hair Extension connector (1 pc)
5) Keratin (30 grams bottle: 1 pc)
6) Loop Brush
7) Micro ring / beads (200 pcs)
8) Protector Shield (5 pcs)
9) Pulling needle (2 pcs)