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June 6, 2018
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Glam locks Tape-In Hair Extensions are a permanent type of hair extensions. Tape-In Hair Extensions sandwiched between two layers of hair and blends seamlessly with natural hair giving instant volume and length. They last for 2-4 months after which they require reinstallation. Crafted and designed by leading hair experts, Glam Locks offers 100% real human hair extensions of the premium range that can be curled, straighten and styled without any fear of damage. Crafted with love, care, and latest technologies, our locks are made from virgin Remy hair with all cuticles aligned in the same direction and so our locks are SHED-FREE & TANGLE-FREE. Tape-In Hair Extensions are perfect for achieving length and volume without undergoing any expensive chemical treatments. Our hair is made without using any harsh chemical and dyes which make them shed-free, silky, shiny and tangle-free. Our meticulously crafted hair won’t break when you brush them, go dry after styling, and won’t tangle when you run your fingers through them. Available in a plethora of colors and texture, we help you find your perfect fit.



  • Material: Real Human Hair
  • Pack Size: 10 Pieces Per Pack
  • Provides No Damage To Hair And Scalp
  • Heat Resistant
  • Easy To Style
  • Easily Blends With The Hair
  • Smooth, Silky & Shiny
  • Top Grade Quality
  • Washable
  • Very Strong
  • Shed-Free
  • Tangle-Free
  • Provides Instant Length & Volume
  • Can Be Worn Whole Day
  • Easy To Maintain


HAIR CARE:  Correct aftercare is just as important as fitting the extensions correctly. It is crucial that you make the most of your extensions by taking good care of them and using the correct products. The following points are needed to be taken care of for making most out of your extensions:

  • Avoid oiling the Tape-In Hair Extensions.
  • Use Lukewarm water for washing the extensions. Never use hot water while washing the extensions.
  • Never use any heating equipment’s (Straightener, Curler, Blow-dryer etc.) directly over the tips of the extensions. Always use them at least 1inch away from the tips of the extensions.
  • Use Paraben Free and Sulphate Free shampoo and conditioner. Don’t go overboard with the usage.
  • Avoid exposing extensions to direct sunlight for a long time.
  • Use hair serums to maintain the natural shine and smoothness of the hair.
  • Wash hair 2-3 per week only.
  • Before washing it is advised to detangle your extension hair with a wide tooth comb and separate the bonds.
  • Be gentle when washing the hair. Don’t use any harsh chemicals.
  • Loop brush is best for combing hair extensions as they prevent shedding of hair.
  • Dry shampoo and leave-in conditioner are the best friends for hair extensions.


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